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PJA36080U44A Square D Circuit Breaker QBHGF1020 EATON Cutler Hammer Circuit Breaker BQD360 SIEMENS Circuit Breaker PQ3610G SQUARE D BUS PLUG SWITCH Square D EHB34100 Circuit Breaker
Retail: $4,895.00
Retail: $150.00
Retail: $155.00
Retail: $875.00
Retail: $1,250.00
New and Reconditioned Electrical Equipment

Welcome to Select Breakers! We carry one of the best selections of new and refurbished electrical supplies you’ll find online. We sell wholesale or retail depending on your business and purchasing volume. Whether you’re hunting for one of our used and refurbished circuit breakers for your home or a big purchase to repair your industrial or commercial property, we have the parts that fit your specific needs from the most reputable brands like General Electric, Siemens, Square D and more.

We understand how important it is to find the right part for the job the first time, and how hard it can be to find that part. That’s why we’re happy to talk over all the details with you on the phone. Give our experts a call, M-F from 7:00AM to 7:00PM (Central time) at 866-415-5034. They provide sound advice on the best solutions for commercial, industrial and residential needs and will walk you through the purchasing process.

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